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  1. The results are going to be skewed. The way you ask the question will influenze people’s responses. Everybody wants School Road improved! The question should be: “Do you agree with the Council’s decision to not spend City tax money on a project outside the City Limits?” or something like that.

  2. Juan: We are working under the assumption that those voting understand where School Road is and if they are lacking information about the issue they can be informed through our coverage of the situation (available on-site). Unfortunately, your wording probably would be interpreted as bias by someone else. We are doing our best to be completely objective.

      • It’s absurd not to cut loose of a little cash to help fund this project that will make everyone safer on the ride down school road. That road is a death trap and to ask our newest drivers to battle it is crazy talk. City of Raymore spends money on fancy lamp posts but not on widening a road?? Where’s the prioritys of these council members ? Who’s getting the kick back for the wasteful spending??? Sometimes reaching out and giving a helping hand to others is required in life .. This is Cass County Missouri people !! Not Johnson county kansas ..!!! Get your noses out of the air!!!

  3. I have to agree with Juan Alonzo about the misleading question. Yeah the information may be available on the issue but how many people who have voted took the time to research it?

  4. Regardless of whether school road is outside of city limits, it is used heavily by our Raymore residents who are the least experienced. I am biased because a few years ago I was first on the scene of an accident involving two students. While I held the passengers head to prevent further injury the driver expired. That was the most awful thing I have experienced in my life. Should Raymore tax dollars be spent to improve a dangerous road that is traveled heavily by Raymore residents even though it is outside of city limits? Do you have to be holding the head of a teenager while another passes before your very eyes to make that choice? Teen drivers make mistakes and if we can do anything to help protect them then we have a huge responsibility to do so even if the expenditure falls outside of our city limits. The question that really should be asked here is why is this subject being debated. Even one life is worth the expense.

  5. Before casting a vote, I would strongly encourage voters to read Mayor Peter Kerckoff’s weekly report dated April 28, 2013. It clarifies many of the details. Raymore has already made many improvements to School Road. A second factor to keep in mind is the lower tax rate paid by Peculiar residents within the same school district. Additionally, as a parent of a young school road daily driver- one of the most important factors does not seem to be addressed. Simple enforcement of the speed limit would reduce the number of accidents occurring on this stretch of narrow roadway. We all want improved safety on School Road.

  6. Nick….Why should we “cut loose” with cash for a project that is already going to be fixed from Hubach to 203rd (that by the way is the north border of the HS Campus) AND when the County Auditor Ron Johnson, has stated that the County has more than the money needed to complete the project in a reserve fun. This is not about the money….it is all about the politics of getting people re-elected. I also agree that this poll has little merit as it is misleading and has showed up on both fb pages that Mr. Cox and Mr. Johnson are the administrators of. This is a continued attempt to solicit votes for this poll. So Jeremy, any article written from the results of this poll will have a bias too. I agree with Mrs. D and applaud the Mayor and six Council Members who made the choice to support the citizens of Raymore instead of caving to the “done deal” that was presented to them without any input. Again, the “death trap” is already committed to be fixed by the county without our extra money. Let the politicians win on their own.

    • Tim: Thanks for the feedback. This is our first time attempting a poll which is completely unscientific. We are attempting to enhance community involvement and working toward providing the most objective news possible. The article will in no way be based off of the poll, but the poll will be mentioned in the proper context.

    • Tim, Have you been to any other part of Cass county Missouri than Raymore? Go take a drive thru the countryside, down around Garden City or Creighton, the County doesn’t need to be spending our tax money in the Ray-Pec area. Many bridges need to be replaced, many roads need to be PAVED, I think its absurd to not only step in and help with the school road project, but to step in and offer up some of the Cash the city has in “reserves”. You sure can’t take it with you so we might as well spend it on good things, rather than fancy LAMP POSTS. Where’s our Aquatic center??? How about building some real athletic fields, for our kids? Politics are going to be Politics.

  7. I think that the points your are making Nick, supports, very strongly, the points that Tim made. There is a lot more than $500K worth of road improvements needed in Raymore, there is a crying need for better Park facilities, there are at least half a million things Raymore tax money can be spent on, in Raymore, than County Roads! This is about responsibility and accountability. The County should improve county roads, to include the ones down in Graden City and Creighton, as well as the ones in nothern Cass. I think Council member Wescoat pointed out that 20 to 25 % of the County tax revenue is collected from the residents of Raymore. We are already contributing towards the roads and bridges in South Cass.

    • Move the school where it should be, how about in raymore ,where the kids could walk to school, ride a bike or at least make a safe drive to school. Its pathetic that the east middle school has a place that we paid for to lock up Bikes but it will never be used. Not one single child can ride or walk to school. Our city government has no idea what the hell they are doing, I think we should let lees summit govern our city geeeez

      • You do realize that the City has nothing to do with the governing of the Schools, right? There is an entire Governing Body that does that. But you make a good point, we didn’t ask for the school to be at the far end of School Road. So it still remains that spending City money on County projects, should always be a non-starter. We have too many needs within the city limits!

      • The city and the schools work together, just as a builder does. If the city does not have the infrastructure to handle the project, the city has the power to deny a permit to build. It seems that if a builder comes into town to put in a neighborhood we get pools, trails, playgrounds, and roads. But when the schools go into planning a new building the city drops the ball. If the construction of a school was on hold until the infrastructure could handle it properly I bet wheels would turn. The real problem here is the city of raymore put the cart in front of the horse. Look I don’t want my taxes to go up anymore but could we possibly use some logic when we expand our city? As I see it the city should upgrade to the county lines, the county needs to upgrade 58 and school road up to peculiar. And peculiar should upgrade to 71. If this is a problem then build our schools in the city. End the special deals with peculiar, let’s actually become a city.

      • You will have to be more specific as to where the City of Raymore put the cart before the horse. We did improve/upgrade school road to the City/County boundry and beyond. When someone, whether it is a developer, the school district, the fire district or anyone else wants to build in the City of Raymore, where there is no infastructure, we require for them to put in the improvements, or they wait until the City does it, which could be years or decades from now. When the high school was built, School road between raymore and the school wasn’t even paved!

  8. Yes I do know the school district is the governing body, that is another big mess that needs a over haul. its also the same district that has dropped the drivers Ed program, and the same district that the kids are getting hurt just trying to go to school. I am getting a headache, thank you for you time.

  9. Let me be clear, I want the road improved but each city and county should bear a portion. And I must say, I didn’t realize until now that the road has been left a death trap do to the county and the school district its self. The mere placement of the schools I mean. Guess that takes the city off the hook. My apologies…..

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