Several construction projects coming to Raymore


The regular Monday night Raymore City Council meeting completed a short agenda in just thirty minutes on June 24.

In staff reports, the City Staff shared that Raymore will have several construction projects beginning July 8 in and around the city. Currently, Raymore is undergoing curb replacement, street preservation, street sealing and reconstruction amongst various other upgrades in different places. The roundabout being installed at the intersection of Dean Road and Lucy Webb to help with the traffic that will be coming to Sam’s Club is also in process.

The construction item that was up for first reading Monday night was approval of the second phase of the street preservation project. This base patching and MicroPave seal plan covers many roads in Raymore–all of which can be found on the City’s website at Part of this project also includes a two-inch overlay on Wesley Avenue from Hubach Hill Road to Char-Don Avenue. Parts of Hubach Hill and South Prairie Road will be repaired as well.

Second readings that carried unanimously included a contract to Advisory Management Services, Inc. to facilitate a goals setting session for the City; an amendment of the human resources promotion policy; an award of contract to The Clark Enersen Partners to develop the Hawk Ridge Park Master Plan, and the removal of the Foxwood water tower modification capital project.

The only part of the unfinished business that caused a disagreement was an amendment of the human resources policy. As she had stated in the first reading, Ward 4 Councilmember Sonja Abdelgawad still felt uncomfortable with the language of the amendment.

The policy, which is a conformation to the Archer pay plan, lists different details that describe what changes will specifically occur. The fourth aspect listed in the change is that when a City worker is promoted, his or her salary may be kept the same or increased, but not more than the mid-point of the next pay grade.

Abdelgawad previously argued that a worker could actually receive a pay decrease if the City opted to move a worker making top-dollar at one level to the mid-point of the next level. She kept her stance during the second reading Monday night.

“I don’t think that’s fair,” Abdelgawad said in reference to the policy. She went on to describe the matter as a potential “loophole” in the system.

Ward 1 Councilmember Kevin Kellogg agreed with Abdelgawad, stating that not giving a worker a raise along with a promotion is a “morale buster.” Kellogg said promotions should nearly always be accompanied by a raise and that he could not agree with Councilmember Abdelgawad more.

Not all of the other council-members saw it that way, though.

“Title itself is worth something,” said Councilmember Charlene Hubach, the other Ward 4 representative. Hubach explained that sometimes the City cannot afford a pay increase to go along with a promotion.

Ward 3 Councilmember Richard Hall referenced his varied work experience in claiming that not all promotions do or should come with raises. Leaving the salary the same gives employees “room to grow,” he said.

In the end, Councilmember Abdelgawad’s motion to amend the policy was voted down 5-2 and the policy as a whole was supported unanimously.

Besides the road construction, other new business that was supported unanimously included an award of contract to Terry Snelling Construction to lay sidewalk on the east side of Foxridge Drive from Lucy Webb Road to Stonegate Elementary. Two Awards of Contract were supported to keep the current financial advisor and bond counsel for the City.

Finally, a new schedule of fees for the police reports issued by the City was unanimously supported as well. These fees were called “clean up” items by City Manager Eric Berlin and basically brings the City up to speed with neighboring police department fees for reports.

The next regular Raymore City Council meeting is scheduled for Monday, July 8.


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