Bluebird Society Conference comes to Raymore


The Missouri state bird got a lot of attention in Raymore last weekend.

On Friday, July 12, the 2013 Missouri Bluebird Conference began with a Bluebird Banquet dinner and presentation at Gregory’s Sunday Brunch in Raymore.

Larry Dobson of Raymore is a charter member and Vice President of the Missouri Bluebird Society, which was formed back in 2006. Steve Garr serves as the President of the Society.

Dobson played a large role in coordinating this year’s conference, which consisted of the banquet in Raymore, a Saturday convention at Powell Gardens, and a Sunday tour of the Bluebird Trail at the Villages of Loch Lloyd Golf Course.

Members of the Society came to the weekend event from locations as near and far as Branson, Nebraska, St. Louis, Jefferson City, and Raymore. Many have submitted personal photos of bluebirds, which were also presented in a slideshow during the banquet and are also featured in the Society calendars. The calendars are available for sale: a desk calendar for $15 and a wall calendar for $25.

During the banquet, Dobson was awarded the Missouri Bluebird Society True Blue Service Award, receiving a plaque and a mug for the work he has invested in the society.

Dobson explained that he enjoys giving presentations about the bluebird.

“I frequently go to schools,” he said, but he also talks to retired teachers, senior citizens, and anyone else who is interested in learning more about their state bird.

In April, he hosted a booth at Lowe’s and was pleased with the turnout of people who came to hear about bluebirds.

“It was very enjoyable to talk bluebird and spread the bluebird word through those presentations,” Dobson said.

Garr explained that many people have called and said Dobson’s seminars were the first time they have heard of the Missouri Bluebird Society.

“It’s just been a great plus for this side of the state, having someone representing bluebirds so well,” said Garr.

Betty Lusby and Carol Ware were the featured presenters at the Friday night banquet, coming from Loch Lloyd to share about the bluebird trail on the golf course. The trails were first started in 2001, and two years later, the local garden club was asked to start monitoring the nesting boxes along the trail. Now six to ten people from the Bluebird Committee come out to the course weekly for consist monitoring.

Ware discussed the pros and cons of taking care of the bluebird trail. The golf course provides all the necessary equipment for building the nesting boxes, and the maintenance worker has helped repair and move the boxes for the committee. The members of the committee do their monitoring on tournament days, typically Tuesday mornings at 7:30, because the tournament starts later than the regular course hours.



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