‘A little bit of luxury’ comes to Cass County

Amber Vandegrift, Guest Reporter

Salon Bella and Boutique is a new salon in Belton that offers luxury and personalization to their clients. The salon opened in January and has been receiving positive reviews since.
“It’s been going great,” owner Patricia Forester said. “We got the word out, business has picked up, we’ve done quite a bit of advertising, and our clients have been very happily satisfied, and so just by word of mouth we have grown every week.”
Salon Bella provides a full service salon experience. They offer hair, nails, tanning, waxing, eyelash extensions, massage, facials, spa pedicures and hair extensions to their clients. Their newest service, however, is tanning.
“We are a full service tanning salon, so tanning is big thing for us,” manager Jessica Streeter said. “We have level three and level four Mega beds. We are by far the most reasonably priced in town.”
The style and services offered at Salon Bella were needed in Cass County, according to Forester.

“I wanted to open a salon like this because I had previously worked on the Plaza in some of the upper scale salons, and I felt as though the Cass County area could use something like that, where you could have a little bit of luxury,” Forester said.
Forester’s goal is to offer a salon experience that is different form other salons in the area. She explained what makes Salon Bella different.
“I think that we offer a little bit difference in our atmosphere, in our professionalism, in our all-inclusive services, and we also do not double book people, so it’s very personalized service that you get here. It’s very one on one, it’s very individualized, so we’re just a little bit upper scale I would say,” said Forester.


Jessica Streeter, manager, Patricia Forester, owner, and Tori Valentour are part of the Salon Bella and Boutique team, seeking to offer “very personalized service” to their customers.

Forester and the Salon Bella staff have been working to get the word out about their luxury services and pleasant atmosphere.
“We have Facebook, Twitter, and our website, and the Cass County Rants and Raves have been a huge success for us,” Forester said. “So, it has been all positive and we have lots of customers who simply found us because of that.”
The Salon Bella has also taken to the community by sponsoring local activities and schools. They are also a member of the Belton Chamber of Commerce.
“We sponsor the Prowlers dance team at Ray-Pec, and we did the fashion show last year in the spring,” Streeter said.
Although Forester is grateful for the competition in the area, she encourages anyone to check out Salon Bella and see how they like it.
“I believe that all the competition in the area is fantastic. It keeps us all on our game. I think all the salons in the area are very good salons,” said Forester. “What I would invite people to do would be to just stop by Salon Bella, take a look around, we do free consultations, so you are always welcome to speak to a stylist or an esthetician regarding services. We also offer boutique items, so that gives someone a great excuse to just stop in and not have to commit to a haircut or anything like that.”
Walk-ins are welcome at Salon Bella; however, appointments are preferred. Salon Bella also offers a free tan to anyone who brings in a copy of this article.
Salon Bella is located at 17211 South 71 Highway in Belton and may be reached at 816-318-1600.


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