Tate Stevens returns to make good on a promise


Tate Stevens is back in town, and he’s delivering on the party that he promised from the very beginning.

The Starlight Theatre in Kansas City is hosting a “Yallapalooza with Tate Stevens” tomorrow night at 5 PM. Before the show kicks off, though, Tate plans to hang out with hundreds of his fans, pre-game style.

“It’s gonna be fun. We’re gonna tailgate before the show,” he said. With enough food to feed three or four hundred people, Tate wants to take advantage of the event to spend time getting to know his fans.

“[The tailgating] is kind of an opportunity for me, not so much to take pictures and sign autographs and things like that, but just to kinda hang out and talk to people…like at a Chiefs game.”

In fact, some former Chiefs and Royals players will be joining the Cass County native for the pre-concert party.

Tate Stevens first sang his way to the top in FOX’s “The X Factor” back in December. Since then, he has had many dreams come true.

“Honestly, getting to play the Grand Ole Opry has been the coolest thing. I’ve dreamed about playing that stage since I was a little kid, and finally getting to do it was amazing,” he said. Stevens will be back at the Grand Ole Opry at the end of this month—his third time on that stage.

However, with all the change Stevens has seen, he still manages to make it back home to Cass County regularly.

“I’m usually home about a day and a half a week,” he said.

This week preceding his concert, he has been able to spend even more time in the place he calls ‘home.’

“This week has been pretty great,” Stevens remarked.

While ‘Tate Stevens’ may be a household name across the nation after his big win eight months ago, Stevens maintains his humble, down-to-earth persona.

“When I’m home, we don’t do a lot. You know, I still do normal stuff: go to the store, hang out with friends and stuff while we can, but it’s just usually family time when I’m home. We try not to do a lot, but hang out with each other.”

As for his sudden leap in fame, Stevens said, “It’s been great. Personally I haven’t changed any, but obviously professionally, we’re getting to do what we love doing and ‘living the dream,’ if you will.”

Stevens hopes to have another song released to radio by the end of the year, and plans to continue performing as much as possible in the future. He still gets nervous before his shows, but it’s not because of the upcoming performance or the size of the crowd. “I just want people to like it. I want people to really enjoy what we do.”

Stevens said of his fans, “Their support means the world to my family and I.” He passed along a message of gratitude toward all who have supported them: “Thank you for everything. Thanks for, obviously, putting us here, where we are, and letting us live the dream. Thank you for all the support, and all the continued support, and just know that I’m super proud of where I’m from and that’ll never change.”


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