Belton FD secures one restraining order

nameOn Tuesday, April 9, the Belton City Council established the City Attorney’s opinion that city firefighters could not legally be on-duty while running the Labor Day weekend fundraiser for the Muscular Dystrophy Association. However, the City stated that firefighters were welcome to volunteer off the clock.
On Tuesday, August 13, several firefighters and their supporters returned to the Council to present their case and to ask for a deciding vote on the issue. The Council did not take a vote.
On Thursday, August 22, and Monday, August 26, the issue took a new direction as it came before Cass County judges.
The ultimate decision is as follows: the firefighters are permitted to raise funds on-duty on Friday and Saturday of Labor Day weekend, but that permission was not extended to include the following Sunday and Monday.
The permission comes as the result of a temporary restraining order that the fire department received against the City of Belton. The City must allow on-duty firefighters to work the MDA boot block. This restraining order lasts through the end of the month, and therefore does not continue on Sunday, September 1, or the following Monday.
The fire department attempted to have the restraining order extended to include that Sunday and Monday, but the judge did not alter the original decision.
“One thing I think that needs to be said is that there’s no question that it’s a worthwhile cause,” said Belton City Manager Ron Trivitt during the April 9 meeting. Council members and City staff have echoed that sentiment throughout this ordeal.
“We will do what the law requires us to do,” said Trivitt in regard to the recent court decision.
This Saturday, August 31, a “Boots and BBQ” event will be held from 10 AM to 8 PM at 200 B Street in Belton. There will be food and a live band, and all donations go toward the MDA.
According to Angela Kraft, organizer of the event, the goal of “Boots and BBQ” is to “show support to our firemen.”
“We back them,” she added, saying the event has been “coming together quite nicely.”
Kraft along with several others came up with the idea. “Several of us said, ‘Let’s stop complaining and actually do something.’”
Further court decisions could be made beyond this newspaper’s deadline. Keep up-to-date with the Journal Facebook page ( and website (theraymore


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