Coming soon: Golden Corral

RAYMORE — The City of Raymore and the Raymore Chamber of Commerce sponsored a groundbreaking ceremony on Thursday, September 12, for the Golden Corral buffet and grill that will be located at 1921 West Foxwood Drive in the Raymore Galleria. An early-January opening is currently being targeted with the start of construction underway.

“Our buffet serves nearly 160 different food items and we make almost everything in-house and from scratch,” said Alex Wahbeh, owner/operator of the forthcoming Raymore Golden Corral franchise location. “That’s why the taste is really great.”

Offering a wide variety of hot and cold dishes that include cooked-to-order steaks, simmered pot roast, rotisserie chicken, pizza, salad, Mexican dishes, Asian cuisine, Italian fare, fresh baked goods, and more, Golden Corral currently has more than 500 restaurants across 40 states. The restaurant also opens early on Saturdays and Sundays for a breakfast buffet of traditional morning favorites.

Diners may either choose to eat-in for the unlimited buffet or elect for carryout by selecting their favorite dishes to go at a weighed rate. Buffet discounts are available for both seniors and children.

According to Wahbeh, he will likely begin hiring staff in November, initially employing between 150 and 160 workers. Once completed, the Raymore Golden Corral will be able to accommodate up to 278 customers and will feature a private party section that’ll likely seat 58 guests.

Mayor Peter Kerckhoff welcomed Golden Corral’s forthcoming arrival in Raymore at Thursday’s groundbreaking ceremony.

“On behalf of the citizens and City of Raymore, I welcome Mr. Alex Wahbeh and his Golden Corral restaurant,” said Kerckhoff. “With a freshly prepared buffet of more than 150 items, I’m sure that everyone will find something to fill their plates!”

“Congratulations to Mr. Wahbeh on the groundbreaking of his Golden Corral restaurant and we look forward to the grand opening in early 2014.”

Brent Ewert, Chamber of Commerce president, added his congratulations to Wahbeh on his new restaurant’s future building.

“On behalf of the Raymore Chamber of Commerce, its board of directors and general membership, I would like to thank Mr. Wahbeh and Golden Corral for their investment in Raymore, and wish them a long and successful partnership with the community.”

The grand opening for the restaurant was originally set for March 13, but has now been moved to March 20. At 11:30 a.m. a ribbon cutting will take place and Golden Corral will open its doors.

For more information on Golden Corral, visit


One thought on “Coming soon: Golden Corral

  1. I look foward to opening day! I miss the belton one they just tore the building down and the harrisonville one was a little farther, lasted longer than belton. We have drove to the olathe one a few times. Can you bring back a backyard burger we miss that also

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