Former murder suspect arrested in Raymore


Gregory Breeden, a man who was once suspected of Kansas City serial murders, has been charged with a sexual misconduct misdemeanor. He is being held in a Cass County jail on a $2,500 bond.

Breeden was reported to have exposed himself while urinating outside in the vicinity of children playing at the 400 block of South Sunrise Drive in Raymore.

According to a probable cause statement, as the officer approached the house, a large wet area was observed on the ground behind the minivan in Breeden’s driveway. When the sergeant spoke to Breeden, he said, “People are always calling and saying things about me.”

The reporting party claims that Breeden, in the middle of working on his minivan, walked around to the back of the vehicle, exposed himself, and urinated on the ground. The witness says that the children likely did not see the event, but it was still alarming.

The documents say that when speaking to the suspect, the sergeant observed that Breeden’s zipper was unzipped.

Breeden, 67, was charged in 1996 with the 1994 murder of Viola McCoy. Those charges were eventually dropped. Breeden did however spend ten years in jail due to bad check cases.

In 2002 he was arrested for soliciting a prostitute.


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