Raymore hears from residents concerning Hawk Ridge


On November 5, Raymore Parks and Recreation hosted their second community meeting regarding plans for Hawk Ridge Park, which is to be located on a 79-acre lot north of Price Chopper, around the 12-acre lake that already exists there.

The meeting was held at the Community Bank of Raymore and was open to Raymore residents, inviting further input on how the park could be designed and developed. The Park Board, the Hawk Ridge Park Master Plan Steering Committee, and the Enersen Partners have been working together to garner community feedback. A crucial part of this feedback has been obtained through the Mindmixer website (HawkRidgePark.mindmixer.com), by which residents can share their ideas, expound upon other ideas, and give other kinds of feedback. So far the website has around 240 active users with the average age of 44, and the gender divide is close to 50-50. Through the surveys conducted, Raymore residents have clearly expressed the desire for the following: the maintenance of the “unique, natural setting”; fishing (comfortable for kids and families); and a family-oriented experience.

The Enerson Partners ran most of the meeting, with representatives explaining the progress on the plans thus far.

The top three activities that resulted from resident feedback are walking/hiking, fishing, and disc golf. The second tier of priority activities includes picnics, biking, and playgrounds. The third consists of a dog park, archery, outdoor education, and performance.

Representatives explained that the first and second tier of priorities can complement one another in a park, but all the elements of the third tier will not necessarily complement the other two as well. They encouraged the residents to ask if Hawk Ridge Park would be the right place for the activities in question when it comes to making tough decisions about what to exclude or include.

Other suggestions for inclusion included a splash park, non-motorized boating, space for remote-control and/or kite flying, and a community garden. A splash park is more of an urban feature and likely will not be included, but the other three are still viable options.

Also, this location is not ideal for a pool and community center, due to its size and access.

The goal for developing this park is to provide a balance between serving the adjacent neighborhood and serving the community as a whole. Also, the master plan will keep in mind the park’s present and future surroundings. Sunset Lane will be likely developed in the future, and more homes may come to the area.

With all of this in mind, the Enerson Partners presented two plans for the park layout, acknowledging that neither plan is final. The purpose of the meeting was to begin developing “plan C” stemming from the feedback on the first two plans.

Both plans included a fishing dock, picnic shelter, nature-style playground, hiking trails, restrooms, and a disc golf course. Residents attending the meeting expressed concern over a variety of issues, including reinforcing the lake’s banks and having a disc golf course that begins and ends in the same location. Several residents from the adjacent neighborhood also expressed concern over how easily noise travels from the park area to the homes nearby, and emphasized the importance of accommodating parking lots to keep cars off the neighborhood streets.

To find out more about the Hawk Ridge Park master plan, call the Raymore Parks office at 816-322-2791. As mentioned before, those who would like to share their thoughts may also join the feedback website at hawkridgepark.mindmixer.com.



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