“I wish someone would have told me…”


Don’t you just hate missing out on a great deal? Don’t you loathe finding out about a great opportunity only when it’s too late to take advantage of it?

I do too.

One of the best ways to memorialize the high school years is to capture moments in the form of picture. Here at The Journal, we want to help Ray-Pec families do just that.

At the beginning of the 2013-2014 school year, we started a photo website that holds all of the high school sports photos we take along with photos from area events. The website, which is raymorejournal.zenfolio.com, is helpful for several reasons.

For starters, it’s a central location to view all of the best sports photos of Raymore-Peculiar students. The website has a basic, easy-to-use design, and it allows anyone anywhere to view our photos without creating any sort of account or login information.

We’ve also made finding your child (or yourself) easier by loading each photo with its own metadata. What this means is that when you type a specific name into the search bar, photos of the person you are looking for will appear.

The best feature of the website is the affordability of the photos. Each picture can be downloaded for $1 each. From there, the user has full rights to the photo for personal purposes. If you want the photo in hard copy form, Zenfolio will have it printed through MPix (a Missouri company) at a very competitive price and it will be delivered to your door. It’s almost too easy.

I played several sports in high school and I know that my mom would have been a frequent customer to a service like this if it were available. I know there are parents out there who would love to know that this site exists!

Next time you’re browsing the web (like right now!), just give us a quick glance. Our photos are professional and high-quality, ready to be yours.

Can’t say I didn’t tell you so!


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