City of Belton announces mixed use retail complex

BELTON — The City of Belton announced today that Christie Development Associates, LLC, will collaborate with Block & Company, Inc. to develop a 47 acre mixed use retail complex appropriately named Belton Gateway; strategically positioned at the intersection of 163rd and Markey Parkway in Belton, MO.  The site is directly adjacent to and highly visible from the newly constructed I-49 /163rd St. interchange that carries over 85,000 vehicles per day.

The Belton Gateway project will transform an open field into a $70 million mixed use retail complex, introducing a variety of retail stores, a hotel and restaurants.  The Belton Gateway will be completed in two phases.  Phase 1 of the project will be a 58,000 square foot Academy Sports and Outdoors, a premier sports, outdoor and lifestyle retailer with a broad assortment of quality hunting, fishing, and camping equipment and gear along with sports and leisure products, footwear, apparel and much more.  Ground breaking of Academy Sports and Outdoors is expected to start in February 2014 and to be completed by August 2014; bringing with it, approximately 200 jobs.

Future developments in phase 2 include an additional 174,000 square feet of space for market leading retailers and restaurants, as well as a proposed hotel location.  “We see tremendous potential in this investment and we look forward to strong interest from retailers due to the outstanding location, and such easy access from I-49,” Jay Leipzig, Economic Development Director for the City of Belton said.

To facilitate investment in Belton’s commercial core, the City of Belton is offering limited financial incentives including the use of tax increment financing and pledging revenues from an established Transportation Development District.   Both incentive packages are consistent with the City’s economic development policy, and will be used for public infrastructure of the project, including the construction of Markey Parkway from 163rd Street to the southern entrance of the Quik and Tasty Distribution Center.  The project also includes the removal of the existing Quik Trip Way, which will provide better access and traffic movement for the surrounding property owners.

“This is the definition of a win-win situation as the developer has agreed to cover the cost of constructing the Markey Parkway Extension north of 163rd St., while also creating this incredible shopping area,” Mayor Jeff Davis said.  Construction on the Parkway extension for Belton Gateway and Academy Sports & Outdoors is slated to begin in December 2013 and will coincide with the construction of Academy Sports. “The timing of this development could not have been more advantageous if we had planned it.  We are fortunate to have a developer with the expertise of David Christie and his team to bring this project into fruition,” said Mayor Davis.

In addition to the Belton Gateway retail project, economic development efforts are thriving on Markey Parkway.   City staff expects work to be bid in January, with construction to begin in March 2014, of the section of Markey Parkway just past the future site of Menard’s; connecting Markey Parkway from 163rd St. to Mullen Rd at 58 Highway by July 2014.

City staff is currently planning the development schedule for the next phase of the extension of Markey Parkway; it will extend the Parkway from Belton Gateway to North Scott.



5 thoughts on “City of Belton announces mixed use retail complex

  1. I think it’s a great idea, however; with Belton police stopping and giving tickets for driving 1 mile over 35. Might not bring as much revenue as hoped. Also conducting DUI checkpoints right off 163rd every other weekend might not be the best idea to attract business.

  2. More Corporate welfare?? How was it possible for Adessa Auto Auctions to relocate to Belton, buy the property, grade the property, build the facilities ALL without any TIF funding?! Development is a good thing, but what about N. Scott, Main Street and all of our EMPTY buildings (Price Chopper & smaller retail shops, some empty in Cedar Tree Square. MTS Auto Mall). Why are our “leaders” ignoring these areas?

    • I agree, before belton starts building new we need to do something with old buildings
      The old price chopper center is looking like a ghost town also accross the street by salvation army there is many empty buildings, the new price chopper center still has many unfilled spaces let alone many places on scott

      Before we let corporate america come in and build new lets get these other buildings filled, small business or something……..

  3. I like that the local Belton police & fire department have new cars & trucks, but Kentucky Rd, Harris Ave, & Hight Ave are pathetic. You have nice homes on these roads and there so bad. Why not put money into these roads?

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