Peculiar man invades privacy, possesses child pornography


Cass County – The Cass County Sheriff’s Office Tactical Response Team executed a search warrant at a residence in Peculiar for evidence of a burglary and invasion of privacy and located a methamphetamines lab.

Cass County Sheriff’s Deputies were originally called to the duplex in the 21000 block of S. Soryl Ave in Peculiar when the reporting party found a video camera installed in a bathroom exhaust fan. The wire connecting the camera was traced back to the attached neighbor’s residence in the duplex.

According to the probable cause statement issued by the Sheriff’s Office, the female victim heard “what she believed to have been movement inside of the attic area above the bathroom.” After leaving for the day and returning, she “observed what she believed to be insulation material on the toilet in her upstairs bathroom.”

Her husband began to investigate, finding the digital camera in the attic.

Investigators and Cass County Tactical Response Team executed the search warrant around 5:00 am on Wednesday morning.  During a search of the residence investigators located a methamphetamine lab, firearm, and child pornography.

At the time of the search warrant an adult male, adult female and four juveniles were found in the house.  The suspect, Gerald L. Campos, 46, was not at the residence and surrendered himself to authorities on Thursday morning.

Campos told authorities that he has a “desire for excitement” and he has a “constant desire to do things that he knows are wrong, or illegal.”

He then went on to admit to possessing the child pornography, stating that he had electronically downloaded it in the past because he enjoys possessing materials that he knows are “forbidden.” Though he could not recall the specific images in his attic, he stated that they must be his.

As the detective confronted Campos about the firearm, the suspect stated that he was “holding onto it for a friend.” Though Campos acknowledged he has a felony, he told authorities that he believes he has a right to possess that firearm.

The probable cause statement reads, “A check of the defendant’s criminal history reveals prior felony convictions for traffic in drugs/attempt 2nd degree with a  25 year sentence given, and for possession of a controlled substance with a 3 year sentence given.”

The suspect also admitted that the methamphetamine lab components and chemicals belong to him before he “boasted of being quite knowledgeable with regard to the process of manufacturing methamphetamine.” He also said that he has two “customers” and that he sells 1/16 gram of meth to them every other day.

Campos has been charged with Burglary 1st Degree, Attempted Invasion of Privacy 1st Degree, Attempt to manufacture a controlled substance, Endangering welfare of child 1st degree, Unlawful possession of a firearm and Possession of child pornography.

Campos is currently being held in the Cass County Jail on a $100,000.00 bond.


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