Raymore prepares for N. Cass Pkwy developments

name2The Raymore City Council met in the Council Chambers at Raymore City Hall Monday night.

Public Works Director Mike Krass reported to the Council that the culvert on 58 Highway east of J Highway will be under repair shortly.

City Manager Eric Berlin reported that the community survey for Raymore’s future civic center will be ready for distribution shortly. He stated that it has now been agreed upon for the building to be called a “civic” center, as opposed to a community or recreation center.

“Is there any substantiative difference?” asked Councilmember Kevin Kellogg, in reference to the name specification.

“No, it doesn’t reflect any change,” Berlin answered.

The rezoning issue for the North Cass Plaza at the Good Ranch was one of only two items of unfinished business Monday night. That motion carried unanimously, effectively zoning that land as a Regional Commercial District (34.5 acres) and a Business Park District (113.5 acres). The land was formerly zoned as Agriculture.

Pete Oppermann presented a plan to the Council for the preliminary plat at the North Cass Plaza — a 12-lot commercial and business park subdivision proposed along the south side of North Cass Parkway, east of Interstate 49.


The plat presented by Oppermann (pictured above) featured three hotels, restaurants, a bank, a convenience store, and retail shops on the 34-acre property.

“Has there been interest expressed in your current design?” asked Councilmember Wescoat.

Oppermann responded by saying that the plan must come first before businesses will come on board. He then said that a retail store and a hotel have expressed some interest in the area. The motion passed unanimously.

Robert Jackson, Jr., representing Great Plains Developments, LLC, spoke to the Council about another Good Ranch development. This development does not consist of businesses, but rather homes that will make up a large subdivision.

Councilmember Jeffrey Stevens asked if there was a timetable for the development of the subdivision.

Jackson explained that the answer to that question relies on the response to the commercial side of the property, saying that a hotel on that property would create more traffic which would create more opportunity.

There is no specific number for the amount of lots to be placed in this subdivision.

The bill passed with seven votes.


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