Raymore to test contrast striping on 58 Hwy

Periodically, the City of Raymore has received concerns from residents that the white stripes painted between the lanes on 58 Highway can sometimes be difficult to see. This issue largely relates to a loss of contrast between the pavement and the paint. As the pavement ages and oxidizes, its color lightens over time, transforming from the original black hue to a light gray – a shade that obviously offers less contrast with the white painted markings.

In response to these concerns, the City will soon begin testing a couple of different styles of contrast striping on the lane markers on 58 Highway, between Foxridge Drive and Mott Drive.

During the week of July 28, Public Works staff is scheduled to apply new contrast striping to an approximately 400 feet strip of 58 Highway, between Foxridge Drive and Mott Drive. The eastbound lanes of 58 will receive an alternating pattern of black and white painted dashes while westbound lanes will be adorned with white dashes outlined on each side with heavy black lines, making the marking more prominent.

These augmentations are designed to enhance contrast and help motorists to see pavement markings during certain times of day when the sun’s glare is strong, or weather conditions aren’t optimal.

Several roadway agencies in the Midwest, including the Missouri Department of Transportation, have begun to include contrast striping along with lane striping on concrete pavements.

The City of Raymore does follow the MoDOT’s specifications for the striping material used on city streets. The roadway striping consists of a layer of paint topped with tiny reflective glass beads, and the typical service life of the striping averages 12 to 18 months, depending on traffic and other maintenance activities, such as snow removal blading.

After installation, City officials want to hear drivers’ thoughts on the two types of contrast striping tests and have established an online survey at https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/MFV57PH. Through mid-September, drivers are encouraged to submit their opinions of these test markings, including if one style of contrast striping visually performs better than the other.

Anyone with questions about this project may call the Raymore Public Works engineering office at 816-331-1852.


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