Property damage and arrests – O’Malley/Wiseman feud heats up

Varsity Softball 9-16-14 001 Varsity Softball 9-16-14 002 Varsity Softball 9-16-14 003 Varsity Softball 9-16-14 004 Varsity Softball 9-16-14 005 Varsity Softball 9-16-14 006 Varsity Softball 9-16-14 007 Varsity Softball 9-16-14 008 Varsity Softball 9-16-14 009Last weekend as many know, local business owner Lori O’Malley had her property damaged by her former tenants Warren Wiseman the owners of Oliver’s Pizza. Things have been heated between O’Malley and Wiseman due to Wiseman’s alleged failure to pay rent to the tune of $20,000. Then in what the police recorded as disorderly conduct, Saturday, September 13 things came to a head between O’Malley and Wiseman.
O’Malley became concerned at the amount of damage occurring at the hands of Wiseman and his friends while removing contested property from the premises, and seeing no action from the police to stop them, she decided to lock the doors of the property. A shoving match ensued and both O’Malley and Wiseman were promptly arrested on assault charges, both were later dropped to disorderly conduct charges. While the two were taken away, no actions were taken to secure the property and Wiseman’s friends continued to cause damage as they continued to cut out electrical, plumbing, and counter tops, stripping the property of everything, even the security cameras, inflicting an estimated $35,000 worth of damage to the property.
“I never wanted to have a bad relationship with the city. I never wanted to have a bad relationship with the police department. I expected this from the Wisemans, but I expected better out of the Raymore Police Department,” said O’Malley.
In a written statement, Mayor Pete Kerckhoff said, “The challenge for the police officers in situations such as this is that landlord/tenant issues revolve around civil matters and claims of property ownership that can only be fully resolved by the courts, not the police .City Manager Feuerborn is monitoring the developments in the investigation and will let the Council and I know of the findings as appropriate.”
The Monday following the incident, O’Malley met with Chief Jan Zimmerman to discuss what occurred on Saturday. “Chief Zimmerman and Captain Wilson promised to investigate the incident and appeared to be very concerned about how the situation was handled and the procedures that were not followed. Chief Zimmerman asked for the chance to conduct her investigation and make things right. I will extend her that courtesy,” said O’Malley to her supporters on social media.
Chief Zimmerman said in a written statement, “Ms. O’Malley and several of her supporters met with Captain Wilson and I this morning. It was what I would characterize as a very productive meeting and that her information will be beneficial as the Police Department proceeds with an investigation into the incident. It is much too early in the process to draw any conclusions about the outcome, but working together is a positive first step.”
In yet another layer to this story, the Wisemans were on the verge of signing another lease for a property at the strip mall in front of Lowe’s. That location was where the property removed from Oliver’s was taken in preparation for opening a new restaurant. Once the new landlord learned of the difficulties at their previous location, the locks to the new location were changed along with a note saying “DO NOT under any circumstances enter the premises without the express consent of Block Asset Management.” It appears that the new landlord does not want to take a chance with the Wisemans.
The community has rallied behind O’Malley on social media and at her other business, Freedom Stop. It should be noted that Mr. Wiseman has not replied to efforts to reach him about his side of the story, nor could a representative of Block Asset Management be reached for comment.


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