Get to Know your Government – Belton Councilman Chet Trutzel

One of the benefits of local newspapers is that it helps the community stay up to date with what their local government is doing on their behalf. In an effort to continue this open communication, each week the Raymore Journal will be featuring an article about a local government or community leader.

Belton City Councilman Trutzel is serving the second year of his three term. He represents Council Ward 2 along with Councilwoman Cook. He is involved in various committees including the Public Works Committee, the TDY Committee, and the North Scott Corridor Revitalization Committee.
During his time on the City Council he has tried to focus on three issues for his constituents – community involvement, bond issues for roads and stormwater improvement, and increasing business in Belton.
“I think most of them (constituents) are concerned about the roads and the streets. The streets have been a real issue,” said Trutzel. He went on to talk about what was presented to the Council about homeowners and the city working together to get new curbs installed in the neighborhoods. “We are trying as a city to get to a point where people want the city to look good and our homeowners want their property to look good. And this is a step in that direction.”
North Scott borders part of his district, so he has particular interest in what happens in that area. “There is a real attempt to transform North Scott into a viable, upgraded, beautiful area,” described Trutzel. “The key thing about that is you have to have investors come in and the investors are going to have to buy this property up so it can be reconfigured. I’m pretty optimistic.”
His goals for the rest of his term are to continue working with the other members of the City Council to encourage progress in and for the City of Belton. “We have some areas that need to be upgraded and cleaned up and it’s difficult to get that done. Even with code enforcement it is a difficult issue. I know people want that, so we are working on it,” explained Trutzel. “We are also still working on the trash issue. It takes a while to develop a program. City government is a slow moving process.”
When asked how he viewed the relationship between Belton, Raymore, and Peculiar Trutzel said, “The Mayor has been very pro-active in trying to work with Peculiar and Raymore. Any development out here is beneficial to all of us. Of course I have to say I’d prefer it be in Belton, but all this business generates more business. As long as we all work together, everyone benefits.” If are a member of Council Ward 2 and you have any questions, comments, or concerns to share with Councilman Trutzel you can email him at


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