Supporting Ella Joe and her Community

So by now you all have probably heard if not seen the local news report about how the big bad HOA of Stonegate is crushing the dreams of a sick little girl. At least that is how the media is spinning it. We are doing our own investigation here at the Raymore Journal, so the story is not over yet. But I wanted to make a few things clear from the start about what awful reporting this was.

First, Stonegate has been extremely supportive of Ella. They had a welcome home parade for her, they decorated their entrance sign for her, and there are green bows all over the neighborhood to show support for her. All of this was done BEFORE any Make-A-Wish was granted. The City of Raymore even had Ella as the guest of honor to light the city’s Christmas tree back in December. Our Community has shown love and support for Ella and her family since Ella first became ill last summer. Where was the fancy media then?

Second, as to the HOA, there are rules and regulations in place that one person cannot overturn. As with any decision that has to be made by a group, this can take some time. I also recognize, time is very precious when it comes to a sick child. Please remember that the members of the HOA are the same neighbors who have loved Ella and her family throughout this illness. They are not bad people. Let’s give them a couple of weeks to review their policy and see if there is a way that they can make an exception while still holding to the essence of their bylaws and covenants.

Of course JE Dunn and Make-A-Wish should be completely applauded for their willingness to help this sweet little girl. I really hope that they are able to work it out with the HOA. But let’s reserve judgment of the HOA and their president until we get all the facts, advice the Kansas City news media would do well to heed.


Jennifer Reed


10 thoughts on “Supporting Ella Joe and her Community

  1. An issue like this shouldn’t need a vote or consideration of “rules and regulations”. If your talking about having too long a water hose or chickens in the front yard, fine, but the moment this became an “issue” (and how this is an “issue” is beyond anyone with an IQ beyond 3), it should have taken near minutes for humanity to prevail. Thus is unreal no matter how you want to spin it.

  2. A few weeks really who knows how long she has by the time it’s built a few weeks is a lifetime an god only knows how long she has an the strength she is holding in to.

  3. A few weeks is really to long to decide “What to do?” Seriously, this is a wish of a dying young girl, it should be granted immediately. Shame on those who think that this needs more consideration and thought as “if” her wish can be granted……..

  4. Build that poor baby girl a house…shame on the HOA. What if it was one of your children? Absolutely appalling, and this should not even be an issue at hand! Shame.

  5. Put it on Blocks and let her play in it while she is growing up… After she out grows it then it can be donated to a local Church for Daycare or a child in need. You can put fancy skirt around it and make a ramp that is safe for her to walk on or sit in a wheel chair on days she is tired and worn out. When she is finished with it she can drive by and see the gift she had as a child and how it is blessing another person… Sad this is rule isn’t passed yet for Sweet Ella.

  6. Rules. Necessary, of course. But when one is a slave to rules, compassion takes a back seat. But we love rules; there are fewer decisions for us to make. We simply quote the “rules,” the “policy,” the “protocols,.” Another result, however, is that those who love to enforce the rules can too easily become authoritarian — and love it.

  7. This child may not even have a few weeks to live (not knowing her medical specifics, I am the mother of a cancer patient, so I understand the value of time!). How can you plead for appreciation of the neighborhood’s compassion while showing a lack thereof by stating that the debate of the matter alone could chew up several precious weeks of this child’s time left on earth?!?! This is ridiculous. You can say or write anything you want about how supportive the community is, but actions are speaking louder than your words,.

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