Round-About Still Hot Topic for Raymore City Council

The Raymore City Council meeting started off on a positive note, however the subject of the infamous Lucy Webb round-about would quickly turn the proceedings to a sour tune.
The City of Raymore gave a proclamation to Chris Wolfenbarger, a combat medic who has received a Purple Heart, Combat Medic Badge, and an Army Commendation Medal, declaring March 9, 2015, Chris Wolfenbarger Day.
Wolfenbarder said a few words of thanks to his family for their love and support. He concluded by saying, “A lot of people say that no one person can change the world. I absolutely disagree. I think that only one person can change the world and that one person is you. If you envision change in our world then you need to step forward and do it. I believe we can all do that.”
Don Peters, Executive Director of the Cass County Historical Society, also spoke to the Council to request permission to organize and conduct the Raymore Veterans Memorial Day Parade. The Council gave its blessing.
The following bills passed unanimously on their second readings:
Bill 3042 – Award of Contract – Recreation Park Baseball Fields Renovation Project. The FY 2014 and FY 2015 Capital Budgets both included a project to remove the backstops and fencing of an existing ball field in Recreation Park and replace them with new fused and bonded chain link fencing. In its memo, staff summarized the procurement for this work and recommended award of contract to the lowest best bidder, Guier Fence Company in the amount of $147,000.
Councilman Holman told the Council that he had changed his position since the last general meeting because he had dug into the issue deeper and based upon the new information he felt he could and should support the bill.
Bill 3049 – Award of Contract – Sidewalk Gap Project. In January, City Council adopted Resolution 14-03 ordering the installation of sidewalks in areas that met the Unified Development Code threshold of 66% of the lots on the same side of the street having sidewalk. In its memo, staff summarized the results of the bidding and recommended that the Council award a contract to Phoenix Concrete and Underground, LLC for the Sidewalk Gap Project Improvements in the amount of $128,379.58. The project will begin no earlier than April 1, 2015 and be completed no later than June 18, 2015.
Bill 3050 – Budget Amendment – Sidewalk Gap Project. Council considered award of a contract for the Sidewalk Gap Project. Assuming approval, a budget amendment is necessary to provide funding for the project. An Ordinance has been prepared accordingly.
Bill 3051 – Award of Contract – City Hall Tower Stabilization. The FY 2015 Capital Budget includes funding for a project to stabilize the foundation of the city Hall Tower. In its memo, staff summarized the results of the bidding and recommended that the Council award a contract to KC Master Companies in the amount of $37,990.
Bill 3052 – Budget Amendment – Johnston Drive Water Main Replacement. The replacement of the Johnston Drive Water Main from Rainbow Circle to Silvertop Lane is currently programmed for 2016. Staff recommends this project be accelerated to 2015 to coordinate with the reconstruction of Johnston Drive. An Ordinance amending the FY 2015 Budget was prepared accordingly.
There was one public hearing regarding a delinquent occupational license for Dairy Queen in Raymore.
According to Section 605.010 of the Raymore City code, “No person shall engage in any of the business, trades, occupations, service occupations set forth in Section 605.020 of this Chapter within the City without first having obtained a license therefore from the City Clerk in compliance with the requirements of this Chapter and paying the applicable license tax fee.” This business has failed to obtain an occupational license for the license years of 2013, 2014, and 2015. According to the owner and his lawyer, the issue is with the Missouri Department of Revenue and another store in Harrisonville, MO, not the Raymore store. The Public Hearing was extended to April 27, 2015 to give the owner time to resolve the issue with the MDR.
The following bills were passed unanimously on their first readings:
Bill 3048 – Farmer’s Market Shelter Project. The FY 2015 Capital Improvement Plan includes funding for a shelter for the Farmer’s Market. In its memo, staff summarized the results of the bidding and recommended that the Council award a contract to Athco, LLC for the Farmer’s Market Shelter Project in the amount of $149,306. The project is anticipated to start in late spring. Councilwoman Hubach asked staff for further information on the total amount estimated for the cost of the entire project. She was concerned that the money being spent might be too much and at the cost of smaller neighborhood parks. City Manager Jim Feuerborn told the Council that the money for the project was actually coming out of the General Fund, not the Park Fund.
Bill 3054 – Sanitary Sewer Rehabilitation – In its memo, staff summarized the results of the bidding and recommended that the Council award a contract to Instiuform Technologies USA, LLC for the Sanitary Sewer Rehabilitation (Inflow and Infiltration Reduction) Project in the amount of $115,065.
Bill 3053 – Award of Contract – Voicemail System Replacement. The FY 2015 Capital Budget included funding to replace the voice mail system at City Hall. In its memo, staff summarized the results of the bidding and recommended that the Council award a contract to Allegiant Technology in the amount of $15,616.
The following resolutions were passed unanimously on their first readings:
Resolution 15-16 – Preliminary Plat Extension – North Cass Plaza. David Otis, representing Good-Otis LLC, requested a 1-year extension to the expiration date of the preliminary plat for North Cass Plaza. They are currently waiting on MODoT to decide whether to grant a full access intersection at North Cass Parkway and Foxwood Drive.
Resolution 15-15 – Multi-Year Curb Replacement Program. The City is engaged in a multi-year curb replacement program. Resolution 15-15 establishes the proposed program, the first year of which will be bid out for construction this year. The first area that will see results from this is Foxhaven and Eagle Glenn/Lakeshore neighborhoods. Staff Recommended adoption of the resolution establishing the 10-year curb replacement program. The program would be re-approved by Council each year. Councilmen Moorhead and Stevens asked staff why The Meadows and Meadow Wood were not finished when the project was begun previously. Michael Krass told the Council that the approved repairs had been done and that further repairs would be addressed at a later date. He said that Public Works identified the areas around the City that were the most urgent which means that not every single curb in any particular neighborhood will be replaced at one time. Councilwoman Abdelgawad reminded the Council that, “we have to be patient and wait for our turn.” It is estimated that the cost will be $500,000.
Then the tides of good will turned with the following Resolution which also included two action items.
Resolution 15-17 – Design Concept for Dean Ave/Lucy Webb Rd Round-About Feature and Bill 3055.
The second part would be to request a motion authorizing the City Manager to sign a contract with the design firm. The third part would be the adoption of the budget amendment (Bill 3055) to provide funding for Phase I, concept A of the round-about feature.
Abdelgawad reported to the Council on behalf of the Round-About Feature Committee. “We really wanted to make it a community project. We wanted something that could be seen from I49, something striking, something that would welcome people into Raymore.” To see the conceptual design go to pages 231 & 232.
Councilman Kellogg followed saying, “The spirit of compromise was huge.” He also acknowledged that he had opposed the round-about but that now that it is here, he wants to make it look nice and be something of which the City can be proud.
Councilwoman Hubach again had questions about the necessity of the monument and its monetary value.
Councilman Boehner said it would be an “amenity to the city that makes the quality of life better.”
Councilman Stevens agreed with Hubach and announced that he would vote against it.
Councilwoman Hubach again had questions about the necessity of the monument and its monetary value. She said it was a “bottomless pit” and that the City was throwing money down the “rat hole.”
Moorhead recommended that the resolution be amended to only include Phase I. Abdelgawad was unsure how the removal of Phase II would keep the cost down. Moorhead then asked for clarification from staff. Mike Krass answered that the budget amendment was only for $34,000 which included $23,903.73 left over from the initial construction of the round-about. Moorhead withdrew his motion but told the Council he could not support it.
Abdelgawad also reminded the Council that they had just approved spending $500,000 on curbs “without blinking.” She said, “No one is going to drive by on I49 and say ‘they have really nice curbs, we should go check them out.'”She reiterated that the purpose of the round-about feature was to draw visitors into Raymore.
Kellogg then called out Stevens for not supporting the stop light suggestion when the issue was first addressed and instead asking for other options besides a stoplight. In Mayor/Council Communications Stevens asked Kellogg why he felt he needed to personally attack him. Kellogg declined to respond.
Moorhead called to question to stop the discussion and vote on the bill. It passed 5-3. The two items that went with it passed 7-1, with only Hubach voting no on all three parts.
After two hours, the meeting adjourned with some leaving the chambers frustrated and other with hard feelings.


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