Raymore’s Assistant City Manager Shares Goals for the City

The City of Raymore recently filled its Assistant City Manager position, vacated a few months ago by the promotion of Jim Feuerborn to City Manager. Meredith Hauck took the Assistant City Manager position after working for the City of Riverside, MO for more than seven years. Hauck graduated from KU with a degree in journalism and a masters in public administration. She volunteers time to an organization called Girls on the Run, which is an after-school program for girls in grades 3-8. It teaches them healthy living and good self-esteem while training for a 5k run. She also volunteers for MOCSA, the Metropolitan Organization to Counter Sexual Assaults, as a hospital advocate who helps victims through the process of the exam and communications with law enforcement.
The transition from Riverside to Raymore has been fairly smooth. “Population size, Raymore is much bigger. Riverside had 3,000 people and Raymore of course has 20,000, but the size of the organizations is really similar. The budgets are pretty similar. Riverside had about 100 employees, Raymore has about 100 employees, so that was really similar to me,” said Hauck.
There is still much to learn and Ms. Hauck has jumped right into learning all she can about her new hometown community. In Riverside she was hands-on involved with day-to-day tasks of everything from communications to parks and rec. She said that having a staff now that sees to those things is a big adjustment. “Obviously Raymore has so much more going on here. It’s been a good transition for me because as Assistant City Manager I’m able to operate at a much more strategic role than I was [at Riverside]. That is one of the things that attracted me to this position, but its also one of the hardest things to get used to,” described Hauck of her role.
Living in the same town where she works has also given her a different perspective on her job. “It is different to live in the community you work in because the decisions that we make in City Hall really do have a personal impact on my life in a way they never have before,” reflected Hauck.
Filling Feuerborn’s shoes at City Hall could be a daunting task, but Ms. Hausk feels that she is up for the challenge. “It’s been a really good transition. He has done a really good job of outlining the big picture goals of the position and then letting me find my way on how I’m going to get there. We work really well together. We spend a lot of time talking about ‘this is how I would handle it, how would he handle it,’ and finding our middle ground together. We are a leadership team.”
One current project in which Hauck is heavily involved is the upcoming citizen survey. “We spent some time revising the questions and making sure that we were really asking questions that would give the Council the information they needed in the next two years to make decisions about the community.”
Another thing that Hauck takes great pride in is “branding.” “It is one of the things that I hope to get started on soon here. I think that people don’t really know about Raymore in the Metro area and its really important to me that we change that,” said Hauck. “How do we talk about who Raymore is and what kind of town this is and who lives here and what sort of people we are hoping to attract, so the messaging will be a big piece in the coming six months to a year.”
A few weeks ago many will remember the shut down of Wal-Mart due to a suspected gunman. Ms. Hauck was on scene within minutes and handled all the questions from the press. When the scene was cleared she also sent a press release to the media outlets summarizing all that had occurred. She handled the whole situation like the professional she is and Raymore is very fortunate to have found such an experienced person to step into the role of Assistant City Manager.


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