Peculiar looks to come in under budget on Interchange

The Peculiar Board of Aldermen held their regularly scheduled meeting on Monday night, as they proclaimed this week Public Works week. Several employees of the Public Works Department were in attendance to accept the recognition.

The main event of the night was a public hearing for the final plat of Gail’s Ridge, the RV Park off the outer road east of I-49. Emmett Smith submitted the plat design and plan. Planning and Zoning approved the resolution last week unanimously.

Rick Chauffer, owner of property north of the RV Park spoke during the public hearing. He had concerns about liability issues with people wandering onto his land. Chauffer was inquiring about whether or not a fence would be built to provide a boundary between the two properties.

“We own the property just to the north, and the only concern that I would have from a liability standpoint is additional visitors from the RV Park walking, and maybe tripping on our land,” Chauffer said.

City Planner Clifford McDonald responded to Chauffer and his concerns, addressing the fact that the bill would only split the land into two separate tracts, not approve any development.

“This proposal is merely to split the four acre tract into two separate tracts. There is nothing associated with construction, or development, or land use,” McDonald said. “We are only reviewing the submitted plat for the property, not anything that is being used for it.”

Since both properties are zoned as commercial land, there is no requirement to build a fence separating the two properties. The bill was passed unanimously, and the second reading of the bill will occur at the next meeting.

The Board also approved several resolutions to appoint board members to various positions, including Kelsie McCrea as the Board Liaison to the Park Board for one year, Matt Hammack to the Planning Commission, Jerry Ford as Board Liaison to the Police Board, and Patrick Roberts as the Board Liaison to the Downtown Peculiar Arts and Culture District.

The Board also elected Pat Roberts as President of the Board. Roberts was nominated by Alderman Ford, a motion that was seconded by Alderman Hammack. The decision to elect Roberts as President of the Board was unanimous, with Alderman Roberts abstaining.

Following the action items, the Board discussed the City Hazard Mitigation Plan. This is a five-year plan that outlines Emergency Management procedures for the city and its staff. Chief of Police Harry Gurin presented the plan to the Board.

Gurin explained how the city would respond to natural disasters, such as floods, tornadoes, and other hazards such as cyber attacks and terrorist threats. The Board members showed their appreciation to Gurin during the open comments section.

“We do appreciate all the work that you do with emergency management behind the scenes for the city,” Mayor Holly Stark said.

City Administrator Brad Ratliff also gave a report to the Board, which included updates on current city projects. Ratliff further discussed the issue of cyber attacks on city governments, and how the city is training its staff to prevent such attacks. Other updates included maintenance reports on the trails and parks throughout the city.

Ratliff also gave an update on the 211th interchange, as the city received bids for the construction project. The winning bid will come in under budget.

“As you recall, between us and MoDot, we had planned for $10.7 million, and this project with concrete, came in around just over $9.2 million,” Ratliff said. “We are well within budget, and we are trying to ensure that everything we do infrastructure wise will be accomplished.”

The next board meeting will be held on Monday, June 1.


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