Fuel Tax May be Answer to Peculiar’s Road Problems

The Peculiar Board of Alderman meeting began with the reappointment of Paul Cannova, Scott G. Reener, and Rick Schopfer to the Police advisory board.
The biggest item and the only one up for a second reading was the fuel tax ordinance. It passed unanimously and the voters of Peculiar will once again see this issue, though revised and more specific, on the November 3rd ballot.
The following resolutions passed unanimously on their first reading:
Resolution 2015-50 – established the 2015 tax levy at $1.4195 per $100 assessed value. The General Revenue would receive $0.4556 and the Debt Service would receive $0.9639. This is a $0.5062 increase because geo bonds have come due. There is no increase in the operating budget.
Resolution 2015-51 – authorized the mayor to execute a contract with Triple C Underground LLC for installation of a 12-inch water main improvement along Peculiar Drive from Hurley Street to North Street for the City of Peculiar, MO in the amount of $485,015. The installation of the 12-inch water main will be of great value and benefit to the overall pressure and flow capabilities of our distribution system. Carl Brooks, Public Works Director, said the money will come from 2013 water revenue bonds. Work will begin on the west side of Peculiar Drive. This project has involved one main property owner who has been “really willing to work with us” said Brooks.
One bill was up for the first and second reading. Bill 2015-20 – an ordinance of the Board of Aldermen of the City of Peculiar, Missouri approving the plat of survey for lot split of Peculiar Highlands tract into tracts 1-A and 1-B submitted by Mr. Brian Carlson passed unanimously. The Planning Commission held a Public Hearing on the application on July 9th, 2015. No public comments either for or against this lot split application were presented and no formal protests have been received. The Commission was generally in favor of this application, however the Redevelopmen tAgreement between Mr. Carlson and Mr. Smith had not been completed and the Commission wanted this item presented before rendering a final decision. This requirement has been met.
The Board was also presented the 2015-16 Fiscal Year Budget. There is only a 0.67% increase in the over-all budget. The two biggest items of the agenda are the 211th interchange and the KC water main totaling $21,809,000. The operating budget is holding steady. Staff worked to reduce the burden of cost for the water infrastructure that caused a spike in water rates in the past year. They were able to reduce the water from $2.00 to $1.25 and the sewer from $.50 to $.25. The city also budgeted for two street sweepings next year, one in the spring to get the salt up from the winter snows, and one after the 4th of July.
“I commend staff for doing such a great job. We are beginning to see some large numbers in restricted cash funds for those projects. The fact that we will be able to pay cash for some of those projects and not have to issue more bonds is phenomenal. It’s the culmination of a lot of hard work and sacrifice by different departments and by this Board setting that direction for them and everyone deserves a big pat on the back for that,” complimented Mayor Stark.
Brad Ratliff, City Manager, announced to the Board that Peculiar is now a voting member of MARC for the Surface Transportation Projects. “This is a huge accomplishment for Peculiar,” said Ratliff.
In his report, Ratliff also wanted to point out that the City of Peculiar had nothing to do with the timing of the School Road construction. The project is run by the county and they encountered a two month delay due to issues with a property owner.


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