RayPec Girls Tennis Doubles Team Make History

For the first time in RayPec High School history, a tennis doubles team made it to State. Junior Felecia Cummons and Sophomore Erica Cornell, have been doubles partners for the past two years. The two of them are the only returning Varsity players from last year.
Felecia has been playing tennis since she was 8 years old, while Erica just started playing last year. Their coach, Ashleigh Grumke, says they compliment each other. Felecia has harder serves and is more of a power hitter, while Erica is more consistent and focused on getting the ball around and the opponents to move more the court. “Personality wise… I think that’s a big part of why they’re successful. They’re kind of goofy, but they know when to get serious. They’re both good at pumping each other up when they’re down. I think that’s a bigger strength for them, then how they play,” Grumke says.
Although Cummons and Cornell did not win at State, they had a great experience and are looking forward to hopefully returning to state next year and go even further. “I cannot be more proud of them,” says Coach Grumke. Congratulations Felicia and Erica!!!


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