Rep. Rick Brattin Calls on Governor Nixon to Protect Missouri Citizens by Refusing to Accept Influx of Syrian Refugees

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – State Rep. Rick Brattin is calling on Governor Jay Nixon to take action to halt the placement of Syrian refugees within Missouri. Brattin issued a letter to the

governor today saying he is dismayed by the lack of action and leadership from the governor to date, and calling on the governor to honor his oath to protect the people of Missouri.

Brattin, R-Harrisonville, said the issue is a matter of keeping Missouri citizens safe from potential terrorist threats. He wrote in his letter, “It is impossible to be able to truly vet the droves of individuals that come from these war torn areas, as the FBI and DHS have both admitted. To think that our Commander in Chief would even so much as give a second thought to bringing thousands upon thousands of these refugees in the wake of the Paris attack is disgraceful.”

Brattin added, “after the news of several states refusing to accept these refugees just means that Missouri will be accepting countless more unknown, could-be terrorists into our communities.”

To date, 27 governors have opted not to participate in the resettlement efforts and have asked the Department of State to suspend resettlement efforts in those states until adequate security measures can be put in place. Brattin said Gov. Nixon needs to take swift action to join the list and protect the people of Missouri.


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