Stellar Year for RayPec Cross Country

Cross Country has been a part of RayPec High School sports program for 30 years. In that 30 years, Cross Country has only earned two trophies, one just earned this year. Teams in the past have come really close, with 5th & 6th placements, but this year they surpassed all the rest. This season they have earned seven trophies alone.Cross Country 0597
The girls cross country team placed second at the State Meet on November 7 in Jefferson City. The girls commented on how great the weather was, but the course itself was challenging. Kami said, “The toughest part of the race is this really big hill, called ‘Firehouse Hill’.” “I didn’t even care what it was called. I just wanted it to be over.” Ali Gillespie admitted. Kylie Deain spoke about, “The last point of the race (right after the 2 mile mark), where we usually typically do our kick, is all up hill. It’s been nicknamed ‘Heartbreak Hill’, and it can make or break your race, the difference between medaling and not medaling.”
Four Ray-Pec cross country runners earned 1st Team All-State honors: Kylie Deain – 9th place, Kami Tabor – 13th place, Jamie Wharton – 24th place, and Tyler Musgrove – 21st place in the boys race (pictured).
The four seniors on the team all made 1st Team All Metro (Top 10 Runners in the Metro area). Three of the senior runners (Kami Tabor, Kylie Deain & Jamie Wharton) have been nominated for Runner of the Year, which was awarded at the Metro Cross Country Banquet on Sunday, November 22nd . (We did not have the name of the winner before going to print).
To top it all off, Coach Jay Johnson has won the 2015 Coach of the Year honors. Coach Johnson has been coaching since 1993.
Congratulations to RayPec Cross Country team!!!


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