Peculiar Gears Up for Fuel Fee Collection

At their last regular meeting of 2016, Mayor Holly Stark was absent and Alderman Pat Roberts filled in as the Mayor Pro Tem.
The Peculiar Board of Aldermen heard from Steve Finn regarding non-smoking in public places. His main concern was smoking allowed in restaurants particularly Denny’s. “I’d like to eat at one of your restaurants without inhaling somebody else’s cigarette smoke,” said Finn. “I think you have a great little town and I think it would be wonderful if you could turn it into a non-smoking community.”
Alderman Hammack replied that he was not comfortable with regulating how the businesses in the town wanted to run their establishments.
Alderman Ford also suggested to Mr. Finn that he look for a non-smoking establishment rather than trying to change the business practices in place.
Alderman Roberts said that to accomplish this would require a grass roots campaign to initiate a non-smoking ordinance.
The following bill was passed unanimously on its second reading:
Bill 2015-28 – establishing Section 135.090 of Peculiar Municipal Code titled “Motor Fuel Fee.” Nick Jacobs said, “We are excited to finally get it approved and assessed and start seeing what we are going to see from it.”
The following bill was unanimously passed on its first reading:
Bill 2015-30 – approving the replat of Bradley’s Crossing Condominiums lots 1 &2 to Bradley’s Crossing lots 114 thru 129 and tracts E & F submitted by Sallee Real Estate Investments, LLC. This also required a public hearing. Cliff McDonald reported to the Board that there were some items they needed to take into consideration, primarily its consistency with the comprehensive plan, neighborhood development plan and development policies of the city. The lots have been vacant for nine years. A legal representative of Sallee Real Estate Investments, LLC spoke to the Board, “Let us build, rightly or wrongly, what was approved by the city in 2007.”
The following resolutions were unanimously passed:
Resolution 2015-63 – authorizing the Mayor to execute a contract with Breit Construction LLC for installation of 43 water meters in the Windmill Country Estates subdivision in the City of Peculiar, MO. The city budgeted $50,000 for this project and the contract is for $49,100.
Resolution 2015-64 – authorizing the contract with Taser International for the upgrade of Axon Body Cameras and use of Video Cloud Storage for the City of Peculiar Police Department. In 2013 the Police Department purchased body cameras. This resolution would give the Police Department unlimited cloud storage for five years at the cost of $9,800 per year and the most up-to-date body cameras available. Currently, the department keeps videos for six months before deleting it. Five other agencies in Missouri have already signed up for this type of storage.
With the retirement of David Shrout, Nick Jacobs has moved into the role of Utility Manager for the City of Peculiar.
City Manager Brad Ratliff reported to the Board that the Peculiar Drive interchange is currently ahead of schedule.


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