Modern Throw Back Hits the Stage in Belton

Starting tonight and running through Sunday, the Belton High School Theater Department is putting on the play Thoroughly Modern Millie. It is a fun two act play filled with music, comedy, and even some intrigue. The bright costumes and lively dance numbers make Thoroughly Modern Millie a must see.

The premise of the play is a small town girl moving to New York City to fulfill her dream of finding the perfect job with the perfect single boss to marry. Set in the 1920s prohibition era, her path to marriage takes several twist and turns. In her pursuit of that goal she also stumbles across a variety of characters some of whom make her question her resolve.

The scenery settings are fun and entertaining. The 1920s is definitely on stage throughout the production, down to the types of phones used. Special attention was paid to the gorgeous ladies dresses on display throughout the play.

The music is fun and energetic for the most part, with a few love ballads thrown in for good measure. The female leads were by far the stronger vocal talent, but the guys held their own on their few numbers. Ashton Bennett as Millie was stunning throughout the play with vocals to match. Bethanie Hasberger was sweetly adorable as Miss Dorothy while Caylee Gaston as Mrs. Meers was just as good at being bad. Sarah McMillen played Muzzy Van Hossmere in fabulous fashion. Kameron Watts had the perfect accent for Jimmy Smith, the leading male role. The two who were particularly impressive were Archer Wright and Annie Spencer who had to learn Chinese for their parts! Just be ready to read subtitles above the stage when they perform.

The amount of effort and hard work put in by the cast and crew shows through in every scene. Lines delivered smoothly and on cue, songs performed with emotion, and dancing that delights can be expected. Once again the local high school delivers a great evening of entertainment that will certainly be well attended. The show will be held every evening at 7pm starting tonight, November 3 and running through the 5th. Sunday will offer a matinee at 2pm. Tickets are only $6.00 for students and $7.00 for adults. The performance will be at the Belton Freshman Center, 107 West Pirate Parkway, Belton, MO 64012. Be sure to check out Thoroughly Modern Millie; you will be thoroughly entertained!


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