Ray-Pec students perform at WCMMEA

Courtesy Photo
The following students from Ray-Pec East Middle School and Ray-Pec South Middle School performed in the WCMMEA (West Central Missouri Music Educator Association’s) Jr. High Honor Choir on Nov. 3. WCMMEA Jr. High Mixed Honor Choir: • RP East- Akya Riegle, Lochlyn Hamilton, Ava Butler, Sam Larsen, Michael Dailey, Cameron Slavin, Noah Smith • RP South- Lindzi Ash, Gavin Boston, Andrew Burton, Sarah Freidline, Brady Kelley, Kamryn Linhardt, Ally Stewart, Audrey Taylor, Jordan Weller. WCMMEA Jr. High Treble Honor Choir: • RP East- Aiden Hill, Patty Katzenmaier, Ava Deems, Ashlyn Smith, Maren Benz, Izzy Martin, Maggie Schaub, Elsa Hamburg, Jael Smith. • RP South- Arianna Cooper, Ember Davis, Katelyn Hazen, Destinee Shaffer, Mia Miculicz, Lexi Russell, LaNyah Taylor, Lacey Vaughn. Shea Twenter is the vocal music teacher at East Middle School. Lezlie Waltz is the vocal music teacher at South Middle School. WCMMEA Jr High Honor Choir 2018

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