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Written threat at Ray-Pec High School deemed not ‘credible’

Written threat at Ray-Pec High School deemed not ‘credible’

By Raymore Journal staff

Parents of Raymore-Peculiar High School students received a message regarding a potential threat of violence.

On Wednesday, Feb. 16, the Raymore-Peculiar School District issued a message to parents letting them know of a written threat that was discovered on a wall inside a boy’s restroom. According to the message, the writing on the wall indicated a threat of violence against the school. School officials did not provide the exact text that was written.

Both the school administration and local law enforcement investigated the threat that morning. Authorities reviewed video camera footage in an attempt to pin down a time frame of when the threat was written on the bathroom wall. According to the school district, officials determined that the threat was “not of a credible nature.”

School officials decided to keep the high school open and resume classes as scheduled. Additional law enforcement officers were on campus for the rest of the day “due to the time specificity of the threat,” according to the message sent to parents.

During students’ seventh period, the high school was placed on a “restricted movement protocol.” Students were prohibited from leaving their classrooms, while doors and windows remained shut. However, “all normal classroom activities, learning and teaching” resumed as usual. Essentially, the halls were to remain empty unless a student was being escorted by an administrator.

School officials provided no further details. Local law enforcement officials could not be reached for comment.