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Malware at Police Department

Belton Police Department hit by malware attack

By Raymore Journal staff

May 14, 2022

The Belton Police Department announced on May 6 that it had recently identified a network incident affecting some police department computer systems.

“We determined that certain systems in our network have been encrypted by malware that prevents the police department from accessing files stored on them and other services used by employees,” said Belton Police Chief Scott Lyons. “We immediately isolated and disconnected those systems from the network as a precaution, notified the FBI and launched an investigation with the assistance of a forensic firm.” The police department has restored its operational capability with respect to these systems.

Lyons added that while it appears all of the systems involved contained information that is already a matter of public record, the investigation includes extensive work to identify any individuals whose data might be involved. 

“If any individual’s personal information is identified through the investigation, we will provide notice and identity monitoring service to those individuals in accordance with applicable law,” he said.

The police department is looking at all opportunities to further enhance its existing security.