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Raymore Missouri School District

Cass County hits record-high property tax disbursement

By Raymore Journal staff

Property tax season began in November, and the numbers already suggest that Cass County’s economy is thriving.

For the month of November, Cass County distributed nearly $36.5 million in property tax revenue. According to Cass County Collector Chris Molendorp, that is the largest November property tax disbursement in county history.

Raymore received nearly $1.3 million, second only to Belton’s $1.7 million portion and followed by more than $360,000 to Pleasant Hill. Peculiar took in more than $280,000.

Schools raked in the biggest piece of the pie, with Cass County public school districts receiving more than $24 million. Raymore-Peculiar R-2 collected $9.5 million, followed by $5.8 million to Belton R-124 and $3.1 million to Harrisonville R-9.

Emergency services are also recipients of property tax dollars. South Metropolitan received $1.7 million, the most among the 14 fire and ambulance districts. West Peculiar Fire and Ambulance received more than $550,000. Nearly $400,000 was given to Pleasant Hill Fire.

Other disbursements include nearly $1.2 million to the library, nearly $600,000 for hospital maintenance, more than $250,000 for the junior college and more than $200,000 for the sheltered workshop.

For the most part, Cass County’s economy is doing relatively well. Currently, the county has a 2.5% unemployment rate, well below the 4% national rate and 3.7% statewide rate. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the county’s median household income is nearly 11% higher than the national median.

According to data from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, the living wage in Cass County for one adult is $14.55. Comparatively, the national living wage is more than $16. On the other hand, the county’s living wage is higher than the state average of $13.72.

Expenses at the county and state level are nearly identical, including food, childcare, medical and transportation. However, increases in housing and taxes make Cass County a bit more expensive statewide, but the same as its Jackson County neighbor.