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Cass County property tax stock photo

Cass County property tax season continues to set records

By Raymore Journal staff

Cass County Collector of Revenue Chris Molendorp has released December 2021 property tax disbursement figures for Cass County’s local political subdivisions. 

Molendorp announced $112,862,768.88 was disbursed to 70 separate local political subdivisions and the State of Missouri. This represents the largest December disbursement in Cass County history.

Cass County’s public-school districts were the largest recipients with total disbursements of $66,830,189.75. Of those districts, Raymore-Peculiar R-2 received $24,904,381.55; Belton R-124 received $16,675,450.43; and Harrisonville R-9 received $10,375,249.94. arrisonviulle R-9Harr

The second largest recipients were Cass County’s cities and villages. In total, Molendorp disbursed $12,479,590.32 in this category with Belton receiving the most at $4,639,752.86.  Raymore received $3,454,280.75. Pleasant Hill received $1,072,231.46. 

Cass County’s 14 fire and ambulance districts were the third largest recipients by category at $8,613,939.33. The South Metropolitan Fire and Ambulance District were the largest recipients in this category, receiving $4,484,723.74. West Peculiar Fire and Ambulance received $1,428,744.97 and Pleasant Hill Fire received $1,061,314.86.

“Cass County’s stunning commercial and residential growth is reflected in these collection numbers,” Molendorp said in a statement. “We’ve never had more real estate and personal property accounts than we do right now. I expect the growth in businesses and population to continue throughout 2022.”