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Wealthiest Counties in Missouri

Cass County ranked among wealthiest counties in Missouri

By Raymore Journal staff

June 8, 2022

Accounting for overall wealth, Cass County is ranked sixth statewide, according to a study conducted by SmartAsset.

In a recent analysis conducted by online financial advising firm SmartAsset, Cass County has a wealth index of 16.3, the sixth highest in Missouri. The index is derived from calculating each county’s per capita investment income, median home value and per capita income:

  1. Louis County – 23.25
  2. Platte – 19.54
  3. Charles – 17.80
  4. Boone – 16.98
  5. Greene – 16.35
  6. Cass – 16.30
  7. Clay – 15.92
  8. Jackson – 15.54
  9. Cole – 15.50
  10. Louis City – 15.41

Where Cass County really excels is in the Median Home Value category. Ranked third statewide, the median home value in the county is $255,671, trailing only Platte County ($298,944) and St. Charles County ($280,019).

In fact, a separate analysis conducted by the company suggests that Cass County is also ranked six statewide when it comes to lowest closing costs. Up one spot from last year, Cass County as an average closing cost for a home at $2,930. However, that is an increase of about $500 compared to 2015. On the other hand, the median home value in Cass County seven years ago was far less than it is today.

Cass County is ranked 23rd in both Per Capita Investment Income (nearly $8,000) and Per Capita Income categories (nearly $51,000). Investment income is calculated by evenly weighing the ordinary dividends, qualified dividends, and net capital gains.