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Golf Cart Ordinance

City eases golf cart and liquor sales ordinances

By Raymore Journal staff

The Raymore City Council meeting on Jan. 24 was straightforward, with some good news for golf cart owners, a new tool for residents and a lot of news coming from the Parks and Recreation Department.

Golf cart registration made easier

Registration of golf carts and other low-speed vehicles will be required every two years rather than annually.

Raymore City Code Section 341 allows residents to operate golf carts and other low-speed vehicles on certain public streets, mostly any street with a posted speed limit of no more than 35 mph. City code refers to these vehicles as “neighborhood vehicles.” These vehicles are not subject to state laws, including title, registration and licensing. However, residents are required to register neighborhood vehicles with the city.

Until now, neighborhood vehicles were required to pass an annual inspection conducted by a licensed Missouri Vehicle Safety Inspection Station. Anyone who owns a neighborhood vehicle knows how difficult that can be. Nearly every inspection station in Raymore is near or right off Highway 58. Considering neighborhood vehicles are not allowed on state highways or streets with a speed limit of more than 35 mph, transporting them to an inspection station can be burdensome.

Realizing the burden, city leaders are amending the city code for the convenience of residents. Moving forward, neighborhood vehicles need to be registered every other year. All other aspects of Section 341 remain the same.

Last year, about 40 neighborhood vehicles were registered in Raymore. There were around 50 in 2020.

Looser liquor laws codified

During the early phases of the pandemic, most states suspended or amended laws related to alcohol sales and consumption in an effort to keep restaurants and bars in business. Missouri discovered there is no reason to revert to pre-pandemic alcohol laws. Now, Raymore city code is being amended to reflect the state’s permanent decision.

In 2020, an executive order by Gov. Mike Parson allowed for to-go sales of alcoholic beverages. The executive order also allowed alcohol retailers to operate between 6 a.m. and 1:30 a.m. on Sundays. Prior to the executive order, Sunday sales were restricted to the hours between 11 a.m. and 12 a.m. Last July, Parson made those changes permanent. The council’s amendment to Raymore City Code Chapter 600 updates the city’s liquor laws to match the state’s.

Simply put, ordering a margarita with your take-out order can be a new normal.

Recreation programs going strong thanks to part-time staff

If you have picked up the latest Parks and Rec Program Guide, then you are probably aware of the dozens of programs available throughout the week. Many of those would not be possible without part-time help.

In his submitted report, Parks and Recreation Director Nathan Musteen recognized four “invaluable” part-time employees who are keeping “Saturdays and weekends running smoothly”: David Cappleman, Lora Schoenemann, Brooke Trivers and Terry Thornton. Those employees are just a sample of the part-timers and volunteers that are making all the programs possible.

A quick glance at the program guide reveals numerous programs for children (sports, camps, etc.), seniors (bridge, bingo, bunco, basketball) and everyone in between (Magic the Gathering, skateboarding classes, theater, painting, etc.). Facilities are available all week thanks to part-time employees.

The city is looking for more part-time employees to keep these programs and facilities going smoothly. Specifically, part-time positions are available for concessions attendants, site supervisors, ice rink attendants and ice skating instructors. Parks and Rec is always looking for program instructors as well. Anyone with a special skill, talent or desire to teach can call the department for more information at 816-322-9426.

Upcoming events

With the Parks and Recreation Department keeping busy, residents have several events available to attend in the coming weeks and months:

  • 12: Family Valentine’s Dance at the Raymore Activity Center
  • March 24: Friday Food Fest
  • April 9: Raymore Unicorn Day
  • April 16: Raymore Easter Festival
  • May 7: Touch A Truck

Events are updated on the Parks and Recreation Department website.

Text your questions to the city

Communications Manager Melissa Harmer gave an update on a new customer service tool that will be available to residents soon.

Using a service called TextMyGov, Raymore will begin fielding questions via text messages. Residents who have a question regarding city matters will be able to text that question to a certain number. Sophisticated software recognizes keywords and will respond with an answer. Residents can text questions about utilities, report potholes, get city hall business hours, etc.

The city is currently compiling answers to potential questions. The text number will be announced once the service is up and running.

TextMyGov will be available 24/7. The service is not intended to replace any human staff. Rather, it is just another supplemental tool in the city staff’s toolbox, and a convenient way for residents to get answers after hours.