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Raymore Missouri Bee Keeping Laws

City leaders consider city code amendments

By Raymore Journal staff

July 21, 2022

Changes range from neighborhood vehicles to Airbnb services to animal control enforcement to beekeeping

During Monday’s city council work session, council members and city leaders discussed potential changes to the city code, including definitions of certain vehicles.
The Planning and Zoning Commission may consider some of the following suggested amendments in the coming weeks:

• Section 280.020 accidentally lists noise ordinance hours from 10 p.m. to 7 p.m. The code should read from 10 p.m. to 7 a.m.

• Section 300.020 will change the definition of low-speed vehicle to neighborhood vehicle (e.g. golf carts).

• Section 341.020 lists requirements for neighborhood vehicle equipment and registration. Two more requirements are being discussed: 1) windshields must conform to federal standards and 2) must have vehicle identification number or serial number.

• Regarding animal control, new language will give enforcement more teeth, including for impoundment for abandonment, abuse and neglect.

• Animal license requirements will be removed.

• Fencing for animals will also have language more up to date. Specifically, in-ground electric fences and the sort.

• Currently, screening for utility boxes is different for commercial and residential areas. Changes will make screening more uniform.

• Swimming pools are required to have a gate and fence. Gates must open outwards away from pool according to current code. New language will allow gates to open in either direction.

• Beekeeping was the topic of one suggested amendment. Currently, there is no code addressing beekeeping. The city is entertaining the idea of adding a new code addressing the issue of beekeeping in residential areas.

• Another new item being discussed is short-term rentals, e.g. Airbnb. No details were given as discussions are ongoing.

• Tightening the parameters of blasting activity was on the agenda and may be discussed in future meetings.