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Election Results


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Tuesday was mid-term election day in the United States and voters around the country went to polls to vote for people to lead different parts of the government and also make decisions on new laws to accept or reject.

One of those laws that got approved for the state of Missouri Tuesday was the addition of medical marijuana to be allowed with a four-percent sales tax.

There were three different medical marijuana items on Tuesday’s ballot, the one which gave just a 4% sales tax was voted in, while the 15% sales tax was declined.

While voters approved the use of marijuana for medical reasons, they voted against marijuana being allowed for recreational use.

Missouri will have a new senator as Josh Hawlet upset incumbent senator Claire McCaskill.

Democrat Nicole Galloway captured the State Auditor race, topping Republican Sandra McDowell.

In other Amendment decisions, voters approved Amendment 1 that was for Lobby and Campaign Financial Limits and Change Legislative Redistricting

Missouri narrowly approved Amendment 4, which will shorten the time an organization member must have been a member to help manage the organization’s Bingo gambling games.

Voters also approved Proposition B which increases the state minimum wage from $8.60 to $12.00 per hour

Missouri voters, however, did not approve a higher gas tax, which would have raised gas tax by $0.02.5.

In local races, Republicans swept through each race.

Republican Vickey Hartzler won the U.S. Representative District 4 contest with 27,706 votes, topping Democrat Renee Hoagenson, who finished with 14,655 votes.

The Republican party swept the five battles in Cass County to serve as Representatives in Missouri.

Republican Donna Pfautsch  won the State Representative District 33 race with 6,132 votes, defeating Democrat Pat Willians (2,446).

Republican John D. Boyd Jr. won the State Representative District 37 with 1,227 votes, defeating Democrat Joe Runions (1,028).

Republican Mike Haffner won the State Representative District 55 unopposed, although there were 485 write-in votes against Haffner.

Republican Jack Bondon won the State Representative District 56 with 10,609 votes, unopposed, although there were 446 write-in votes against Bondon.

Republican Rodger L. Reedy won the State Representative District 57 with 1,094 votes, defeating Democrat Joan Shores, who finished with 469 votes.

All five of the Circuit Judge positions were voted to be retained. William Collins received 33,862 votes to be retained as the Circuit Judge 17.

Stacey J Left received 33,403 votes for Associate Circuit Judge 3; Mike Rumley received 33,102 votes for Associate Circuit Judge 4.

Jeff Cox received 33,972 votes for the Associate Circuit Judge 5; Jason M Howeel received 32,934 votes for the Associate Circuit Judge 6.

Bob Huston won unopposed to be Presiding Commissioner with 33,949 votes, while there were 771 write-in votes against him.

Republican Jeff Fletcher won the County Clerk position with 23,662 votes, defeating Democrat Janet Burlingame, who had 18,776 votes.

Republican Kim York was voted into the Circuit Clerk position with 33,071 votes, as she ran unopposed.

Republican Mike Medsker was voted into the Recorder of Deeds position with 26,881 votes, downing Democrat Pam Scrudder, who finished with 15,081 votes.

Republican Ben Butler won the Prosecuting Attorney race with 22,702 votes; Republican Rick Bratton won the County Auditor race with 32,826 votes; Republican Chris Molendorp won the County Collector race with 33,233 votes.

Mark Guffey won unopposed in the race to be Pleasant Hill Mayor and picked up 2,628 votes;

All three of the judges who were up for retention were approved, as 27,900 voters approved the retention of Judge Brent Powell; 27,016 voters agreed to retain Judge Mary Rhodes Russell; 26,102 voters agreed to retain Judge Edwin R. Ardin Jr.

The City of Archie’s expansion was voted into effect on a narrow margin of 244-153.

All four of the Belton city questions were approved. Question #1, which changes from electing chief of police to appointing a chief of police by the City Manager, was approved 4,051-3,882.

Question #2 which changes the duties of the Parks & Rec department was approved 5,816-1,967 and question #3 which clears up the City Charter provisions was approved 5,116-2,395 and question #4, raising the city sales tax .5% approved 4,763-3,388.

The Drexel Proposition which is to increase the city sales tax by .05% was approved 217-95.





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