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Johnnys Tavern Kansas City

Johnny’s Tavern is scheduled to be complete in early- to mid-fall of this year at the Raymore Market Center at Highway 58 and Sunset Lane. (Tyson Fisher/Raymore Journal)

Projects across Raymore: Johnny’s Tavern

By Raymore Journal staff

June 23, 2022

There are few places to go to watch the “big game” in Raymore, but residents will have one more option later this year at a restaurant that may be familiar to many.

Johnny’s Tavern, a popular sports bar and restaurant in the Kansas City metro area, will be opening its newest location in Raymore. The new restaurant will be at the Raymore Market Center at Highway 58 and Sunset Lane.

The site plan was approved by the Planning and Zoning Commission on Jan. 18. Approval of site plans allows a developer to move forward with submitting a building permit application that complies with the approved site plan and conditions of approval. Site plans do not require a public hearing or public notices.

Johnny’s Tavern is known for its sports bar atmosphere while maintaining a family-friendly environment. Plans for the new Johnny’s Tavern include an 8,000-square-foot restaurant with an indoor dining area, outdoor covered patio with a fireplace, and an area for yard games.

According to its website, Johnny’s Tavern has 12 locations, with eight in Kansas and four in Missouri. Raymore’s location will be the fifth in Missouri. Locations range from Topeka to Blue Springs, with the closest location to Raymore in Lee’s Summit.

This will be only the second freestanding pad site. The only other one is Johnny’s Tavern in Lawrence, Kan.

The city expects construction to be completed by early- to mid-fall of this year.

City leaders welcome Johnny’s Tavern with open arms

During the January Planning and Zoning Commission meeting, a few concerns were raised and quickly addressed.

Commissioner Eric Bowie, Ward 1, expressed concerns with safety and security. It is assumed that the expected alcohol consumption at Johnny’s Tavern will exceed other restaurants in the area. Mayor Kristofer Turnbow acknowledged that this will be the “first full-fledged restaurant that serves alcohol in the city limits.”

However, Turnbow mentioned that he frequents the Johnny’s Tavern in Lee’s Summit, which has a similar setup with a residential area nearby. Lee’s Summit police officers have told Turnbow, the former Raymore chief of police, that they have had no issues related to the restaurant.

The name Johnny’s Tavern is a bit misleading. It is technically a restaurant, not a tavern, if at least 51% of sales derive from food. Louie Riederer, owner of Johnny’s Tavern, anticipates 65% food sales and 35% alcohol sales. If food sales are least 51%, Raymore city code allows the project.

Some may notice that the site is where the glass recycling bin used to sit. Commissioner Jerry Faulkner wanted to know what will happen with the bin. Riederer said that Price Chopper wants to keep the bin within Raymore Market Center and will move it to a location convenient for all businesses.

Price Chopper has also requested that Johnny’s Tavern be considerate of its color scheme. After reviewing the request, the restaurant has agreed to match the colors, keeping color consistency at the Raymore Market Center.

Johnnys Tavern Kansas City