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Compass Health Network

Sen. Rick Brattin attends Compass Health ribbon cutting ceremony

By Raymore Journal staff

August 4, 2022

Several people attended the Compass Health ribbon cutting ceremony on Jan. 28, including Mayor Kristofer Turnbow and Sen. Rick Brattin.

According to its website, Compass Health Network takes a person-centered, integrated approach to caring for our customers. This health care model focuses on treating the whole person and is a collaboration of care involving the individual customer, personal providers and, when appropriate, family members.

Its efficient, effective services are enhanced by data and technology to ensure customers receive evidence-based care delivered in the right way, at the right time, and in the right place.

During the opening ceremony, Sen. Brattin made some remarks.

“We all see the drastic need for this treatment, and I think we’re finally catching up to the time to the need to invest in the mental health aspect,” Sen. Brattin said. “It’s just great for facilities like this, the state of the art treatments in our law enforcement that’s willing to partner and do the things that they do to help our community. God bless you for what you do, because it is really a thankless job. And you guys are the unsung heroes of what’s going on in our society today.”

In the past, law enforcement would have to drive to Kansas City to commit someone to behavioral care. Now, the drive for Cass County officers just got much shorter.

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