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Special Olympics teams bring home medals

By Raymore Journal staff

Panther Pride won 2nd place. Coached by Aaron Howlett. Players: Unified Partner Aiden Churchwell, Athlete Jag Davis, Athlete Aron Mendoza, Unified Partner Zach Anderson (Courtesy Photo)

Panthers won 3rd place. Coached by Cara Hornbeck. Players: Unified Partner Ryan Hilliard , Athlete Dustin Haning, Athlete J’Qwan Blackmon, Athlete Sean Hunt, Unified Partner Grant Hornbeck

Panther Cubs won 2nd place: Coached by Catie Howlett and Assistant Coach Emma Howlett. Athletes: Trey Gethers, Unified Partner Aven Haning, Athlete Carter Nussbeck, Athlete Owen Vaughan, Athlete Kendalynn Torrance, Unified Partner Kendyll Gethers

Coaches: Catie Howlett, Cara Hornbeck, Aaron Howlett, and Emma Howlett

About 3,000 athletes, coaches and unified partners participated in the state basketball competition. Events include 3-v-3 Unified Teams, 3-v-3 Regulation Teams, Unified Teams, Modified Teams, Regulation Teams, Team Skills and Individual Skills Athletes.