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Covid Vaccine

Workers could sue over vaccine mandates under Missouri bill

By Raymore Journal staff

April 22, 2022

Workers required to get vaccinations for their jobs could sue if they have negative reactions under a Missouri bill advanced in the state House on Wednesday.

The Republican-led House voted 92-44 to give the measure initial approval. It needs another vote to move to the GOP-led Senate.

The measure would apply to any employer-required vaccines, although bill sponsor Rep. Mitch Boggs, R-LaRussell, said cited recent COVID-19 vaccine mandates.

Under the measure, employers who make their workers get a vaccine could be held liable if workers experience negative side effects.

Proponents argued that bosses should be held accountable for medical complications if they make workers get vaccinated. Critics argued that private business owners should be allowed to decide whether to mandate vaccinations without the threat of lawsuits.